Janus is no longer being published, the editors perceived that the second life cycle of the magazine was concluded. There is always hope that new conditions will present themselves allowing the magazine to resume its activities, ideally with a new and younger generation of editors. The publisher would like to thank all those that contributed to the success of Janus and those that supported it. For any further information or proposals please write to janusmagazine@gmail.com.



Janus25 is out now and is a special issue entirely dedciated to the European Festival of Visual Arts in Hospitals, www.adlcfestival.eu. Janus25 features texts by Antonio Damasio, Hans Ulrich Obrist, W.J.T. Mitchell and Anne Marie Autissier, for more information about the authors in the issue check the index.

The issue presents the artistic projects for the festival realized by Kader Attia, Jota Castro, Marc Couturier, Michael Fliri, Clemens Hollerer, Sylvain Soussan, Szilard Miklos and Denes Miklosi, Graham Stevens and Tomaz Tomazin. The special cover project is by Tania Bruguera.

The publication is a result of the partnership of Art dans la Cité, Janus and the Centre national des arts plastiques, Paris and benefits of the support of the European Commission, see the imprint for all the institutional partners. The presentation of the issue is at the Academie de Medecine in Paris, the 16th of September for more information info@janusonline.net.