Who we are

Janus is a magazine that has existed since 1999, in 2005 the founder of the magazine, Jan Fabre, after having published issue n.19, decided to stop the magazine. Shortly after he changed his mind and proposed to a group of previous collaborators in the project, to take it over and give it a new life. The only conditions were to maintain the double fronted covers and to put in the colofon the names of the founders of the magazine: Jan Fabre and Dirk Imschoot. The non-profit organization Janus was founded in April 2006 by Astrid and Charlotte Bonduel and by Frank Maes and Nicola Setari, and is the new publisher of Janus. In June 2006 issue n.20 came out with an entirely new design conceived by Luc Derycke.

The editor in chief of the magazine is Nicola Setari, the editors are Charlotte Bonduel, Francesca di Nardo, Giovanni Iovane and Frank Maes

The consulting editors: Achille Bonito Oliva, Roma, Giuliana Setari Carusi, Paris, Cecilia Casorati, Roma, Jota Castro, Brussel, Re´gis Debray, Paris, Marco De Michelis, Venezia, Luigi Di Corato, Milano, Paolo Fabbri, Venezia, Helmut Friedel, Mu¨nchen, Francesco Garutti, Milano, Ida Gianelli, Torino, Luk Lambrecht, Brussel, Bertrand Lavier, Paris, Federico Nicolao, Paris, Herman Parret, Brussel, Giacinto di Pietrantonio, Bergamo, Roberto Pinto, Milano, Mario Pieroni, Roma, Hans Ulrich Obrist, London, Pier Luigi Sacco, Venezia, Luc Steels, Brussel, Dora Stiefelmeier, Roma, Hendrik Tratsaert, Oostende, Marleen Wynants, Brussel

Editorial office
Av. P. Deschanel 8
B-1030 Brussels

Business office
Groot-Brittanniëlaan 147
B-9000 Gent

The magazine is printed by Arteprint, Brussels and is distributed by EPO and Janus Vzw..